There are always curious people that want to know which kind of gear we use.
We have a funny answer for them: “The gear that we need”. We are not addicted to cameras and lens we usually travel light, long time spent on the field in uneasy and unfriendly country made us very cautious  about weight and strength. So our gear it’s a solution not a problem.

Vittore’s Cameras

I have 3 cameras 2 Sony 7 R II and a Sony a6500 they all share the same batteries and the same lens. I rarely take all 3 of them to a wedding.

Vittore’s Lens

28mm f 2.0 with 21mm add – on
35mm f 1.4
55mm f 1.8
85mm f 1.4 (very difficult to take this guy out for a wedding I use it for engagement sessions)

Monica’s Cameras

I have 2 cameras 2 Nikon 610.

Monica’s Lens

17-35mm f 2.8
50mm f 1.8
85mm f 1.8

Other Goodies

We are plenty of SanDisk card, we use ThinkTank bags and some other little tricks that we will share with you at your wedding.