Plan your Lake Como Wedding


Plan your Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como is a luxurious area. It has groundbreaking scenery at the beginning of the Alps. There are vintage Villas with stunning views and the romance of its gardens. Planning a wedding in Lake Como is an exciting idea, but how does it work?

You announce your engagement and decide that you want to have a fabulous Italian wedding. Then? Here are some simple steps and ideas that will give you a roadbook and what to do next to plan your wedding in Lake Como. This article will help you to understand the right direction to move to plan your wedding. Perhaps, in the end, you will consider hiring a professional wedding planner… Advice and tips are never enough to plan your wedding.

What is so wonderful about a destination wedding is that the bride, groom, and guests spend more than just time together. It is an intimate opportunity for a couple to share their wedding with the people who matter to them. Often, it’s more than one event happening across several days. It’s better to arrive in Lake Como at least one week before, so you have enough time to be sure that everything is like you want.

Plan your Lake Como Wedding

Choose a date

It does not have to be exactly the day, but an idea of ??which month you prefer will be a great starting point. If you know which month you have, you will also get the right seasonal prices from venues and suppliers.
Remember that in Lake Como you will have a high season (from mid-April to September) and an offseason (October and November and March).
A lot of locations in Lake Como are closed from the 8th of November till the 1st of March. There are also other factors to be considered: holidays, school days, annual leave, weather. You can be interested in Best time of the year to get married in Lake Como.

Define a budget

How much money do you want to spend on your wedding in Lake Como? Talk to your families and partner and find out a budget for your dream wedding in Lake Como. You do not have to be a billionaire to get married in Italy but you should know how much you are going to allocate for your wedding day. Are you going to pay for all your guests or just for some of them? Usually, most people pay for the venue and places for the wedding, food, drinks, entertainment, and other things on each day of their wedding. Guests pay for their own accommodation, flights, and transportation. Once you defined the budget, create a spreadsheet to track and record expenses. You can be interested in Wedding Budget Spreadsheets – Tips for the wedding budget in Italy.

Prioritize your expenses

A wedding in Lake Como could be a little bit tricky.
You must understand where and how you want to spend your money.
Here there are some aspects to consider: Venues, fabulous engagement in a Villa, a little excursion by boat, flowers, dress, photography, food, entertainment?
You should know what is important for you or for your families and guests.

Decide who you want to invite

To choose a venue the first thing you have to know is: how many people? Make a list and obviously prepare a guest spreadsheet: Excel – Templates. Remember to divide your guests with these criteria: MUST – SHOULD – LIKE. Prepare a complete guest list for all wedding events, each with a separate sheet so you can enter all the bride’s guests, groom’s guests, and also the guests for any other wedding events like the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.
Use the headings to enter names, mailing addresses, whether the invitation has been sent or not, gifts received, and thank yous sent.
Are you going to invite children? If yes it’ better to think about how you will manage them if you are going to have a wild party!
A destination wedding in Lake Como will be a great idea for your guests to organize a little holiday in Italy. People will want to come to your Italian wedding! Call and talk to some people (first bridesmaid and best men) to get an idea of ??their answers before starting to send out invitations to everyone else.

Choose your bridal party

Choose carefully your bridesmaids and best men. Are you going to have a maid of honor and best man?

What kind of wedding do you want?

Religious weddings in a church? Remember to find a church near your venues, in Lake Como and in Italy if you are catholic it will be easy.
Civil marriage, or will you marry civilly at home to take care of the paperwork and then have a symbolic ceremony?
Some venues in Lake Como will be able to organize you a civil wedding ceremony without the need for a wedding planner.
Make sure you get the paperwork done on time so there are no last-minute surprises.

Choose and book your venue

You have your budget, the number of guests and you know the kind of wedding you only need to find the right location. Reserve the location of your dreams with a lot of anticipation!!! To choose your wedding location in Lake Como you have to evaluate many factors that influence the choice of an Italian wedding location. Obviously near the water should be a must in Lake Como.
Here some venues in Lake Como. See what’s included and not in the prices that they provide you. Beware of wedding packages weddings should be customized to your needs.
Flowers, cars, boat! Your wedding should be tailored to you. Keep in mind that during the high season you will need to book your venues at least 12 months in advance. You have to consider logistic, for you, your families and also your guests. Keep everything near!
The most important thing: in the eventuality of poor weather or rain on your wedding day do they have indoor alternatives for ceremonies and reception? Organize your wedding with good weather but consider a plan B. Remeber that a lot of venues in Lake Como include also the caterer. There are really good chefs there.

Plan your Wedding

Book a photographer

The wedding photographer is one of the most important choices for your wedding day. Flowers, food, and even the dress will be gone in a few times. Pictures last and will preserve your memories. it’s not only about beautiful pictures is about your experience of the day.
Choose a professional that can give you something more. The role of a photographer is not only to narrate the couple’s story, but also the story of the location.
When selecting your photographer package chose one that includes the day before wedding shots it will be funny and you are going to take home great memories of your wedding days in Lake Como. Here some tips to choose your photographer.

Book a videographer

Usually, your photographer works with some videographers and they know each other and he will be glad to give you some advice and addresses.
Remember that it’s better if they are used to work together. Some venues in Lake Como require a special permit for a drone to fly.


Prepare and send your invitation

It can sound obvious but there is not a great wedding without a great wedding invitation and stationery. Of course, remember to take them with you. our wedding photographer will take great pictures with them. Use the same style with the wedding programs/orders of service, place holders and seating cards, table identifiers, menus, thank you cards. If you want something unusual you can try with handmade cards, they are amazing!

Go wedding dress shopping

Take with you your best friend, and choose a wedding dress in style with your wedding.
Have fun! Buy shoes and accessories too! Once you have selected your wedding dress you can then think about the bridesmaids.

Organize your wedding ceremony in Lake Como

Groom and best man/men’s attire

Time to find the perfect suit or black-tie! Grey and black should work sometimes you find a groom in white but with red Ferragamo shoes! Buy shoes and accessories too.

Organize your wedding ceremony in Lake Como

Here is where a wedding planner comes in handy they know the curches and all the celebrants and they know how to do all the correct paperwork for you. It’s not complicated but it’s not funny. On the other hand, if you are going to have only a symbolic ceremony you will need a celebrant and in the Lake Como area, there are some of the best in Italy.

Florist/event stylist

They can really give to your wedding something unique. The most you get the most you pay but event design is architecture, is decoration, is fashion. Event design is colors, textures, and shapes, Event Design is emotions, wonder, and nature, it is the expression of your event! Bouquet, centerpieces, boutonniere are not only flowers are pieces of your story.
Organize your wedding ceremony in Italy

Light designer

Here is where your photographer will bless you. Are you planning an evening party? Do you want a gorgeous cake cutting? Unforgettable first dance? Dreaming atmosphere? You should consider your Light designer. It’s better to try what it will look like your venues with the correct illumination. Warm lights pending from the ceiling or from a tree…

Hair and makeup

Try it before your wedding! A good hair and makeup stylist will give you an extra touch of charm. Stay away from glossy makeup! It will not look good in the pictures.
wedding photography services in Lake Como


Bands and Dj’s will give the right atmosphere to your event. Remember that in Italy there is a mandatory tax you have to pay to the Italian authorities to play music to an audience, the SIAE Tax. Another good point to hire a wedding planner… Italy bureaucracy can be sometimes suffocating for people that are not used to.

Wedding Cake

Traditional Italian wedding cakes are gorgeous, coordinate with your floral designer in order to have a nice display of flowers and candles for your cake and cutting the cake.

Schedule everything for your wedding

Transportation for families, bridesmaids, best men. In Lake Como, some transportations will be by boat so keep in mind that you have to schedule taxis, taxi boats, and cars.
Create a seating plan with Tableau of Marriage. Discuss your timeline with your photographer, it’s better to have time to take some couple pictures and formals.

Enjoy your wedding!

So let’s talk about your Lake Como wedding do not be shy!

It’s time to celebrate, relax and let me get to work! I really love to tell the full story of your wedding day, candids moment, details, portraits of the couple and family pictures all in a creative and unique way. Fill the form or contact me here:; Add all the information about your wedding day in Lake Como; You will receive a wedding brochure, some galleries, and a quotation; We can have a Skype or WhatsApp call to understand completely your expectations about your wedding photography, it will help me create the best possible quotation based on your needs and style.

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