What’s your style?
Our style is creative photo journalism. We have strong photo journalistic background. If you want some creative portraits we will be happy to create for you some unforgettable images. We are passionate about our work and we will give you fresh pictures full of love with the story of your wedding.  We wont to do a little photographic project fro your wedding
HERE you can find something about Vittore and about his ideas on wedding photography.
We would like to create something unique for your wedding, something personal.
Vittore pictures are in private and public collections he is a well known photographer and he won some really important prizes like the World Press Photo.

We wish we could meet in person with you, but we don’t live in Italy? What can we do?
We know emails are not the same thing that meet each others… but we can schedule a Skype meeting. Otherwise if you are only curious who we am: here you can see a video on Vittore and on his editorial work.

How many photographs will we receive?
For an entire day of shooting you will get at least 500 edited pictures. Usually we will send you around 550 to 750 edited images.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No, we don’t. We usually erase duplicate images, bad images and test shot.

Do you deliver high resolution images?
Yes of course. I deliver at least 20 megapixel images in JPG best quality format. I shoot RAW format images. You will have, FOREVER, an on line gallery with  UNLIMITED download and a Slideshow.

When will we see our photographs?
Between 2 and 8 weeks. We edited all the images that we are going to send you and we will need some time. A lot of images will be both in color and Black and white.

Should I give you a shot list?
You can give us a list of family group shots. We usually take a lot of pictures at wedding… If you need some particular shots feel free to provide us a list.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?
Usually we are two photographers at each wedding. If you have a very small wedding there will be Vittore alone.

Do you shoot engagement?
Yes of course, we shoot engagement in Milan,Venice and Lake Como area.

What are your prices and packages?
I would love to discuss rates with you!  Seeing as that no two weddings are alike and that we have different pricing for Italian weddings and weddings that require travel, the best way to view at our pricing is by CONTACT US and emailing us some details about your plans! If we are available on your date, we would be more than happy to email you our rates for your location, as well as chat about putting together a custom package that suits exactly what your wedding require.

Do you travel abroad?
Yes of course. We shot wedding in Europe, and Asia. We will be pleased to travel abroad to shoot your wedding. We are specialised in Italian weddings. We are based near Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Venice.

How many weddings do you shoot each year?
For us every wedding is a little photographic project. Something unique and we shoot no more than 15 weddings each year.

Do you shoot only digital or do you also shot film?
Of course not. It is possible to have also fine art film wedding photography but you have to add at least 1.500 Euros to all packages to have a basic film coverage. Here some more information.
We shoot film with a great variety of cameras from small to medium format, with our superb Rolleiflex 6×6.

Wedding Film, Analog
Wedding Film, Analog