Lake Como Wedding photographer

Lake Como wedding photographer Villa Lario.
A lot of people have a strange idea of my job, they believe that is all about technique and equipment. It’s not. The most important thing for a wedding photographer is empathy and to hold a vision. I want  to make work that is connected to people. I have a unique style and I have a personal way to tell the story of a wedding. I am looking for something that is intimate, I am looking for love, I am not interested in exaggerated situation I am looking for something true. I want that my couples share with me their stories. It’s easy… Make it personal.

Photographers: Monica Mietitore – Vittore Buzzi

Lake Como wedding Photographer

Wedding villla del Balbianello Lake Como

Wedding in Villa del Balbianello on lake Como.
Loreli and Petar eloped on lake Como and for their dream choose the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and to exchange theirs promises at Villa Balbianello and a great ice cream in Bellagio.
I was really blown away by their stories. To be a wedding photographer is first of all listen. Look, Feel and Listen…

It was a privilege to tell such lovely story. I made it personal, I absolute wanted to have some unforgettable pictures.

Location: Villa Balbianello, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Bellagio