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Wedding photographer Villa Balbianello

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Near Lenno, Villa del Balbianello was built on the western bank of Lake Como by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the XVIII century.
In 1974 the property was sold to the entrepreneur Guido Monzino, a great explorer.
Monzino decided to leave the Villa Balbianello, in inheritance to FAI, in 1988.

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Villa Balbianello is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, for a family shooting, engagement or elopement.

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Here where you can ask for your information about your wedding at Villa Balbianello:
Villa del Balbianello
Via Comoedia 5
Tremezzina (Como)
Tel. 0344 56110 – Fax 0344 55575
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Villa del Balbianello was chosen from many directors as a set for their movies such as Star Wars,  Casino Royale, Piccolo mondo antico, from the romance of Antonio Fogazzaro and others.

As a couple, there is nothing like a proposal, an engagement or a wedding at Villa del Balbianello, here you can live a real dream and the picture that we will deliver to you will be the cornerstone of your family.

We shot a lot of weddings at Villa del Balbianello and every time it is a great experience to see true and delicate emotions.

Villa del Balbianello is simply: “The Villa” no other villa in the world is so famous for weddings, elopements, and proposal here took place on the clandestine marriage between Princess Padmé and Anakin, on the banks of the most romantic world of Naboo in the movie: ”Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones”.

Villa del Balbianello is the most iconic places all over the world for your promise of love.
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During spring and Summer Villa del Balbianello is full of tourists so if want to have there your elopement, engagement or proposal be sure to plan it near the closing hours. You can also ask to have all the Villa reserved for you and your guests during your wedding. It’s also possible to rent villa del Balbianello during the closing hours.

If you need it I  will help you to plan your engagement or proposal in Villa del Balbianello.
I shot many wedding proposals, engagement, elopement and wedding at Balbianello and I know the right hours of the day to make your pictures look stunning.

Proposal photographer Balbianello

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