Ascona and Isole Brissago wedding photographer

Ascona and Isole Brissago wedding photographer. I shoot wedding, engagement, elopement and couple portrait session in Ascona, Switzerland, Lake Maggiore.


Ascona and Isole Brissago wedding photographer

The northern part of Lake Maggiore: Ascona, Locarno, Isole Brissago is not in Italy but in Switzerland.
In Canton Ticino, they speak Italian, Germans, and French.
It is a great choice for your wedding day: the quiet of Switzerland the beautiful shores of Lake Maggiore with the taste of Italy.
Gorgeous gardens, small and intimate beaches, luxury Hotels for your wedding day.
Ascona and Locarno are twin cities. Chic towns with nice villas are the ideal places to restore yourself with and healthy holiday in one of the beautiful Hotels: Eden Roc, Hotel Giardino or Castello del Sole.

You can rent a garden in Isole Brissago or you can have a civil ceremony there, it’s a dream!
The Brissago Islands (Italian: Isole di Brissago) are a group of two islands located in the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore close to Ronco sopra Ascona and Brissago, both in the Distretto di Locarno of Canton Ticino. You will need a boat to reach the islands but do not worry some hotels have a private boat or the can easily arrange it for you and your guests.

Ascona Hotels have some of the best SPA to relax, there is also a nice golf course.
The town is a popular tourist destination and holds a yearly jazz festival, the Ascona Jazz Festival.

Ascona and Isole Brissago elopement photographer

Ascona and Isole Brissago are a great and elegant choice for your wedding or elopement in Lake Maggiore and Switzerland.
Ascona is an extremely rich city, it is often chosen for its warm and niche weather, there are a lot of Art galleries and it is full of history the right place for your wedding.

I am the right photographer for your wedding, engagement, elopement or couple portrait session in Ascona, Locarno and Isole Brissago.

Think about your elopement in a luxury chalet with a stunning view over Ascona and Lake Maggiore this can be true at Rustico del sole.

Ascona, Isole Brissago, Locarno give you a lot of possibilities for your wedding or elopement day. Of course, think carefully about the budget you are going to invest in your event.
Take your time to plan your wedding, look for a wedding planner if you want to simplify all the legal stuff.
Remember that you can hire a private garden in Isole Brissago for your cocktail but you will need a boat to reach the islands.

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