Plan your marriage proposal in Lake Como

Here you can find tips, advice for planning a marriage proposal in Lake Como.

So you are in love and you are really on the same page and you know that it’s time to do a marriage proposal, both of you love Italy and especially the Lake Como so what you will do next?
First do not panic a proposal in Lake Como is not so complicated you will need the right photographer, the right location and of course nice weather.
It will be an Experience Memorable.

Villa Balbianello Lake Como proposal

Which are the right steps to plan an extraordinary marriage proposal?

  • Set a budget for your Lake Como proposal.
    You have to consider a lot of things: travel expenses, ring, photographer, location and often a taxi boat;
  • Buy the engagement ring.
    Keep in mind that will be the ring that your love will wear every day for all her / his life so pay attention to the rings that she loves, talk to her best friends perhaps she said something to them that will help you in your choice.
    Choose a certified and trusted store where they can, later, adjust the size of the ring;
  • Find the right proposal photographer in Lake Como.
    He / She will help you to plan your proposal in Lake Como, they usually know the right places the most beautiful villas, gardens.
    Ask them to see some other proposals shooting and to suggest to you where you can propose. Remember that your photographer knows which time of the day is the best for the light or for the tourists. In some periods of the year, you should avoid the crowded hours for your proposal. They also know a lot of tricks to stay close to you and take pictures fo the nice moment. Share some recent pictures of your fiancee and yourself with him.
  • Find the right location for your marriage proposal in Lake Como.
    There are a lot of nice Villas, Hotels with great gardens. Not all the locations are fine if will rain. Most of the locations apply a photo shooting fee that can vary from 250 € to 5000 € if you want all the locations for you. Villa del Balbianello, Villa Sola Cabiati, Villa Carlotta, the gardens of Villa Melzi, Villa Monastero, or the great Hotels (you should stay there) like Villa Serbelloni, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa d’Este or Mandarin Oriental Lake Como;
  • Book the boat in advance to get there.
    Taxi boat must be booked in advance you can ask your hotel concierge or to your photographer. Having a boat in Lake Como is a great idea you can do fabulous pictures from the lake with breathtaking backgrounds;
  • Wear comfortable suits, not too vivid colors!
  • Keep things simple.
    It’s easy to plan a visit in a Villa or in a Garden in Lake Como, be sure to find the right place and the right moment. Under the big tree of Villa del Balbianello or on the little bridge of Villa Melzi gardens, during a portrait or couple shooting in Villa Cipressi… There are zillions of simple ways to do it. Do not overcomplicated;
  • Keep calm.
    Ok I know it’s not easy but being too anxious is not the right way, breath and keep calm, Lake Como and your proposal photographer will do the job.
  • Balbianello proposalVilla Melzi Proposal

Here if you are looking for your proposal photographer:

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