Milan wedding engagement photographer

Milan wedding and engagement photographer

A great wedding in Milan.

Giuliana and Giorgio a couple in love… We always like to shoot wedding in Milan… We need only few minutes to set up a fabulous engagement session… It is so easy if bride and groom get lost in each others… Is here where we can do the difference… Not only reportage and candid shots we really love to take some couple portraits…

By the way this is my first wedding with A9

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Wedding photographer villa Balbianello

Lake Como wedding: villa Balbianello

A little and nice wedding at villa Balbianello in lake Como.

Danielle and Simon plan carefully their wedding with All Stars for everyone.
Danielle is so full of positive energy that make the day shine!!!
With less than 50 people the wedding is romantic and full of love.

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We shoot wedding in lake Como at: villa Balbianello, Villa D’Este, Villa Erba, Villa Lario,Villa Serbelloni.
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Wedding Workshop Milano

Double gift

When you are for a long time in an industry like wedding photography and you are an established editorial photographer the risk is not to innovate not to think out of the box.
I was one of the first editorial photographer that jumped in to the business, 16 years ago, and I also teach a lot in Italy about wedding, photojournalism and photography.
It is obviously nice, but it was difficult for my ego to attend somebody else workshop

Obviously I was curious about young wolves but I did not dare to attend an Italian workshop so I completely forgot about the topic. Some months ago I was in Rome to attend Way Up North and I met one of these young wedding photographer Roberto Panciatici (here on Istagram) and he invited me to one of his workshop.
I am photo teacher and I am doctor in business administration and many more things (but I am not talking about me) so I start to think about what I would like to find in the workshop.

I was really happy to attend Roberto’s workshop because is packed with a lot of useful informations about: shooting, Instagram, web site, business, contract, relationship with clients and colleagues, equipment, personal thoughts .

I received a double gift… The workshop and a lesson to my ego: do not be so fool to not listen new generations.

Thanks Roberto I really, really recommend to everyone your workshop because you have a positive approach and an international point of view and you really help people to get more from themselves.


Sony 7Rii flash settings

Sony 7 R II with flash for Wedding a survey guide

Sony 7 R II is a great camera you can read a lot of review on line about how great the sensor his or how the file is good to be cropped and post produced, someone else will talk about lenses… Yes of course the 35 mm f 1,4 is great and also the mighty 85 mm f 1,4…. A lot of photographers will claim that the Sony has an unbelievable continuos AF… Someone will claim that the only problem it is battery life…
If you are going to shoot with Sony 7 R II and you are a wedding professional, not a tech addicted who rents the camera for a week – end, sooner or later you will find the limits of the camera: flash.
When there is no light at all continuos AF will not help and Flash is extremely slow no matter if you are using the F60M or the little Nissin i40.
So I started to think how I can take great pictures with my little flash and with 28mm f 2,0 or with the SEL075WC (turn the 28 in to 21) and I decided to go with zone focusing and to turn the flash also to manual so that there will be no lag when I press the shutter.

To calculate the Depth Of Field (DOF) I use PhotoPills a nice application that you can buy for your smartphone.
With my 21 mm (28+Wide adaptor) I have, more or less a great DOF at f 16.

DOF 21 mm
DOF 21 mm

So here are my settings:
Camera 7 R II with 28mm + Wide converter = 21 mm
Focus: Manual Focus set at 0,9 meter
Exposure Program: Manual
F: 16 and Speed: 1/60 ISO: 800 (Will capture a little bit of light you can play a lot here with shutter speed but with zone focusing no more missing shot during the cake cut or dancing)
Live View Display setting Effect on OFF (will give you a great visibility also in extreme low light)
Flash Nissin i40 set on Manual Mode and Power to 1/8 (will fire immediately no shutter lag and at F16 will not burn high light).
Si it will be nice to take some pictures with no light at all during the party on lake Como.

Lake Como wedding Photographer

Lake Maggiore wedding photographer: Villa Volpi

Isabelle and Roman choose the Lake Maggiore to celebrate their wedding in Italy.
Coming from Zurich with a lot of great friends they want us to document their party and to create a bunch of powerful portraits…
It was funny and challenging at the same time but Villa Volpi is a beautiful scenario to create something unique.


Lake Como Wedding photographer

Lake Como wedding photographer Villa Lario.
A lot of people have a strange idea of my job, they believe that is all about technique and equipment. It’s not. The most important thing for a wedding photographer is empathy and to hold a vision. I want  to make work that is connected to people. I have a unique style and I have a personal way to tell the story of a wedding. I am looking for something that is intimate, I am looking for love, I am not interested in exaggerated situation I am looking for something true. I want that my couples share with me their stories. It’s easy… Make it personal.

Photographers: Monica Mietitore – Vittore Buzzi