Nice Light and true emotions



I shoot wedding worldwide and I love Italy.
I leave near Lake Como in Milan.
I work as a photojournalist and wedding photographer, I travel a lot and I visited a lot of countries.
I enjoy good food, great music, and positive vibe I am calm, quiet and unobtrusive I love to listen to the rain and to seat in front of a fireplace.
Nature, seaside, the mountains we need some time in the silence.
I like to experiment and to find a new path, we have a fresh mind.
I am inspired by art, movies, and life.
Of course, there is Bianca a great, strong and positive daughter.
Let's do something memorable together!!!


I am not looking for kings, moguls or billionaires for me it does not matter if you are going to be married in a castle or in a cabin in the wood on high heel or barefoot, what matters is love and true candid emotions.
I am addicted to beautiful stories.
My prices are affordable not cheap but not expensive, something that let me live and serve you a great experience. – Investment

I am looking for couples that understand that photographs are important, that will last and will be the real witnesses of your family birth.

I shoot destination photography for the happiest weddings, engagement sessions, and pre-wedding in Italy, Europe, America and internationally.
Wedding Faq – Portfolio

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