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Hi, folks, I am Vittore.

Shouldn’t be great to be photographed by a World Press Photo (or here)winner a photographer whose pictures are inside public and private collections, someone who shots celebrities for magazine worldwide, someone who is completely a class on its own?
Perhaps you want a platinum print a precious and unique gift to celebrate your wedding.
Do you want to know something more about me? I’m a great traveler and a father.
I am a creative photojournalist and a storyteller and I am really proud to be a wedding photographer for me it’s an honor to tell the inspiring stories of couples who have the true love and they are building a new family.

I would like to create something beautiful, some great images: memories that you will share forever of your wedding day. For me, every wedding is a project and I really want to hear something from you, your ideas not only about wedding but also about life, I want to be a part of your story I want to put a cornerstone of images to look at when you need to remember what is important in your life.
I really enjoy what I do and I love to do it with my partner in life we will put a part of us in your wedding story. I love my job. Even after photographing a lot of weddings, I still get excited to see a groom see his bride for the first time, I tear up during ceremonies.

I work also as an editorial photographer mainly for NGO and for the Catholic Church. Here you can find something more about my editorial work and personal work. In the video below you will see me talking about my work.
I was ranked among the 15 best wedding photographer in the world. Here you can find an interview about my photography in a leading photography blog.
I am not only a wedding photographer but a contemporary photography author.
This little interview was shot for a documentary movie about one of the greatest platinum printers of all times.

Nice Light and true emotions

I shoot wedding worldwide and I love Italy.
I leave near Lake Como in Milan. I work as a photojournalist and wedding photographer, I travel a lot and I visited a lot of countries.
I enjoy good food, great music, and positive vibe I am calm, quiet and unobtrusive I love to listen to the rain and to seat in front of a fireplace. Nature, seaside, the mountains we need some time in the silence.
I like to experiment and to find a new path, we have a fresh mind. I am inspired by art, movies, and life. Of course, there is Bianca a great, strong and positive daughter. Let's do something memorable together!!! I am not looking for kings, moguls or billionaires for me it does not matter if you are going to be married in a castle or in a cabin in the wood on high heel or barefoot, what matters is love and true candid emotions.
I am addicted to beautiful stories. My prices are affordable not cheap but not expensive, something that let me live and serve you a great experience.

I am looking for couples that understand that photographs are important, that will last and will be the real witnesses of your family birth.
I shoot destination photography for the happiest weddings, engagement sessions, and pre-wedding in Italy, Europe, America and internationally.

Enjoy your wedding!

So let’s talk about your Lake Como wedding do not be shy!

It’s time to celebrate, relax and let me get to work! I really love to tell the full story of your wedding day, candids moment, details, portraits of the couple and family pictures all in a creative and unique way. Fill the form or contact me here:; Add all the information about your wedding day in Lake Como; You will receive a wedding brochure, some galleries, and a quotation; We can have a Skype or WhatsApp call to understand completely your expectations about your wedding photography, it will help me create the best possible quotation based on your needs and style.

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