Connect with each other unplug your Italian wedding

As an Italian wedding photographer, I attended a lot of destination weddings in Lake Como, Tuscany, and Venice.
There is nothing more desirable than see a couple and their guests connect with each other and enjoy the wedding day.
In the last 10 years, the idea of being super social rose and it’s easy to see a lot of smartphones or i-pads blinking during the wedding ceremony.
To me obviously at the beginning was a shock.
I am used to amateur photographer, guests that buy expensive photo equipment and use the wedding as a sort of stage to show their cameras, lenses and presumed creativity.
Now a new kind of guests arrives the plugged one’s the: “always connected“.

I saw a mother of a bride behind a screen for the entire ceremony filming all the event from her point of view.

I am not sure about that but I always think about the sacred promise of a wedding an intimate and lovely moment in which couples’ hearts are connected to their guests and relatives.

There are professionals in charge to create something beautiful and unforgettable try to be part of it: participate do not be mind unplugged.

I always suggest to brides and grooms to ask their guests to be supportive of the couple’s love and not to be elsewhere thousand of miles away from the wedding.
If you are a guest be part of the wedding day be supportive.

Villa Cipressi wedding ceremony
Villa Cipressi wedding ceremony

You will be in Italy in Lake Como in a stunning villa like Balbianello or on the Amalfi Coast, the sun is shining and a cool breeze arose from the water.
The perfume of flowers fills the air there is lovely classical music in the background do you really want to get lost in your mobile device screen?
Definitely, an unplugged Italian wedding or elopement should be a plus.

Here some tips to connect with each other and unplug your Italian wedding:

  • Send a polite mail to your guests before leaving for Italy remembering that you want them to be connected to your souls, not to their phones;
  • Explain that all the pictures shot during the wedding day will be available also to them through an online gallery ;
  • Insert a note in the wedding/elopement program to remind that you prefer an unplugged wedding;
  • Have the officiant announce it;
  • Post a funny sign to remember your guest to be with you.

Remember that if you need some pictures to be posted on your social channels because you are an influencer or a public personality you can ask a dedicated professional of my team to prepare the images for you during the wedding day. Let us do the work for you and enjoy your big day!

Do you concern about your privacy?

  • it’s rude: have security guards with scanners to check your guests
  • Use Yondr a locking device;
  • remember that you can ask NDA (Nondisclosure agreement) for all my services.

Here more ideas or tips for your Lake Como wedding day.

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