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Post Covid19 guide for your Italian wedding: photography 01

Tips and tricks and a useful guide to Italian wedding photography.
Well it is time to dream, is time to plan.
You are at home on your sofa and an Italian wedding, elopement or engagement seems thousand of years away.
Now is the moment to think and to make your dream come true in a not so near future.
You have to chance to understand, to search, and to evaluate all the possibilities to create your event in Italy.
Contact me on your wedding day.

Step 1 – Step 2 – Step 3

You can contact a wedding planner and start to have a dialogue, explain your needs and your budget.
This is, of course, the best choice for all the couples that want to marry in Italy and are thinking about a traditional wedding.
It could be different if you are eloping in Italy or planning something epic but small.

There are a lot of things to be considered when you are thinking about a destination wedding abroad, it will be a once in a lifetime experience and you will want to be sure to have beautiful memories of your event.
So it better to start with the choice of your wedding, elopement, engagement photographer in Italy.
Here you will find a little:

Post Covid19 photography guide for your Italian wedding 01

Choosing the person who will document your wedding, elopement, engagement day is not an easy decision.
This photography guide will explain to you to make this decision less complicated.
Of course, you will start from an Instagram research but it will be what you will get IRL?
In this Italian wedding photography guide, we’ll talk about:

  • different styles as they relate to approaching;
  • guidance, prompting, and overall aesthetic;
  • pricing;
  • few “must-ask” questions for your Italian wedding photographer.
Lake Como Wedding
Lake Como Wedding

Step 1: The budget for you Italian photographer

The photographer is the first choice to build your Wedding Dream Team.
Are you going to book a luxury villa in Lake Como or Tuscany, to buy a fabulous wedding dress, a pair of Louboutin shoes that you will wear once in your lifetime and you are not allocating a more than fairly budget for your photographer?
Your wedding marks a new chapter in your lives together, having superb memories of this step is simply a must-have, something to look at in good and in hard times to remember you the roots of your love.

As soon as you start to search for your Italian wedding photographer you will start to notice that there are a lot of different prices and none are cheap.
We (wedding photographer) develop a unique skill set, dealing with difficult situations, anxious brides, sudden weather changes, and other unpredictable situations. There are years of trial and effort, practice, training, and development, plus hard work. It’s how I become the artists that you will book for your event!
And yes, I am an artist.
Ask for an estimate!

Wedding Photographer Lake Como, Elopement
Wedding Photographer Lake Como, Elopement

Italy wedding photographers quote based off the cost of material and my time that goes well beyond the number of hours I put in on the day of!
Photographers visit your ceremony and reception sites, to make sure they are familiar with the surroundings, what layout and lighting we’ll be working with, and what (if any) challenges we might face.
I take time to meet with you beforehand to get a sense of who you guys are as a couple and what you’re envisioning for your special day.
Then after the wedding is done, I’ll spend days editing with love your photos to produce gorgeous work for you.

Every photographer is priced differently and offers a different experience to their couples.
We are not all the same!
Photographers differ by:

  • personality;
  • editing style;
  • what medium they use to create their images;
  • the deliverables they offer;
  • the number of shooters they offer;
  • the experience of those second shooters;
  • number of images they deliver to clients;
  • amount of hours they spend with you on the wedding day;
  • total hours they spend editing your loved images;
  • years of experience
  • many other variables.

You’re not just comparing apples to apples when it comes to photographers.

Lake Maggiore wedding Photographer
Lake Maggiore wedding Photographer

So with that in mind, here’s a list of some factors you have to consider when you compare wedding photographers pricing:
Educational Background Is the photographer academically trained in photography? Is he continuing his development on a regular basis by participating in workshops and conferences?
Years of Experience | How long have they been shooting weddings?
Location | Photographers in large cities and destination locations may charge more for their services.
Published Features | Do they have work featured in prominent and industry-leading wedding publications?
Hours of Coverage | How long will they be available on your wedding day? Do you need them from morning until midnight, or would six hours suffice?
Second Shooters | A second shooter is, of course, an additional expense, but having one will allow for more moments to be captured during larger weddings. Unless your wedding is small and intimate, a second shooter is pretty much a must. You can trust your photographer’s recommendation on this.
Travel Expenses | Will the photographer need to travel a long distance to attend your wedding? What sort of traveling expenses might they incur? You’ll be responsible for covering these additional costs.
Hours of Editing | So much time and energy is put into editing the photos from your day! As a rule of thumb, the more hours of coverage you have, the more time the gallery will take to edit.
Gear | The tools a photographer uses are costly and, as such, can factor into pricing. This includes state of the art cameras, lenses, lights, reflectors, styling mats, film (if a film photographer), etc. Top-notch photographers replace their gear regularly!
Album Costs | Most good photography packages include luxe photo albums, and the cost to have one made will be included in your pricing should you choose to order one.
Insurance | Many high-end photographers have business insurance to cover any liability concerns that could arise (for example: if they accidentally break a glass at the venue, or if a guest trips over their camera bag or injures him/herself on a piece of photo equipment).

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Step 1 – Step 2 – Step 3

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