Italy Destination wedding in 2021

The 2021 wedding season can be an opportunity to get married in Italy. It's better to plan carefully your wedding. A lot of couples are moving their wedding from 2020 to 2021.


Well, the Covid19 crisis starts to show us that the 2020 season will be severely affected by the pandemic.

So it’s better to think about the 2021 wedding year.
We do not know if it will be an opportunity.

Elopement in Lake Como.

All the couples that are planning a wedding in Italy in 2021 must keep in mind these points:

  • A lot of weddings of 2020 are postponed to 2021, so unless you are not moving in advance and planning carefully you will not find your preferred vendors free for your wedding day;
  • Some vendors, after a tremendous 2020 will be severely hit but the economic period some others will saturate their capacity so evaluated them wisely;
  • Take a look at their websites, Instagram feed, and response to the email and try to understand if they are reacting or not;
  • We do not know now if all the people will start again to travel or not, so if you are lucky and you are going married in Italy in 2021 you will experience a less crowded Venice or Lake Como. Probably people will react slowly to the end of the crisis and they will take a pause before starting again to travel;
  • There will be an opportunity for those that will not choose the weekend and prefer midweek days;
  • It will be a perfect year for elopements, you will find a lot of attention for your small wedding.
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