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2020 the covid19 wedding season some tips.

Tips for your Italy destination wedding postponing

Well is difficult to start. 2020 should have been a fantastic wedding season. A lot of couples choose Italy for their destination wedding.
It’s not a secret that Lake Como wedding this year was supposed to be the best choice for a class destination event or elopement.

Unfortunately, all changed in one month.
In the beginning, Italy seemed to be the epicenter of the epidemic, a lot of people believed that they can have their wedding at home.
I received a lot of cancellations for wedding, elopement, and engagement.
Couples were doing simply what I would have done myself.
No way to put my guests and me in danger.

In a few weeks it becomes clear that we were not talking about epidemic but pandemic covid19, unfortunately, started to spread everywhere in the world and the new password now is: POSTPONE your wedding.

When postponing your Lake Como or Tuscany wedding

First of all, be sure that the pandemic will be finished so postponing your wedding at least until September or October 2020 or start to think about 2021.
Safety should be your first choice! Ask your doctor or evaluate from the WHO web site!
Second, the weather in Italy and in the Lake Como area is fine till the end of October. Keep in mind that days will become much shorter and in the evening, in October it will be a little bit cold!!!
Third, if you choose to postpone your wedding in September all the Saturdays will be booked so keep in mind that and start to think about Fridays!!!

I want to thanks all the super couples that I know have a lot of problems and but they want to celebrate their wedding in Italy.

I was lucky enough to shoot some wedding, elopement, and engagement in Venice, Lake Como and Tuscany early this year… So that my wedding photography business will not suffer at all.

Things to do if you postpone your destination wedding in Italy

To set another date for your wedding you have to ask to:

  • Your partner
  • Your immediate and must-have family members
  • Your wedding ceremony and party locations
  • Your catering
  • Your photographer
  • Your florist

Keep in mind that if you are going to postpone your wedding in August and September you will not find free Saturdays and you have to start to think about Fridays and Sundays.
The other important thing is that we, actually, don’t know when the Covid19 crisis will end and when all the people will be allowed to travel to Italy and back so if you want to avoid stress the better thing is to postpone your wedding to next year.

If you choose your vendors wisely all will allow you to change your date of course if you act quickly and you rearrange everything for the next year it will be much easier to find your wedding weekend free for all your vendors.

Unfortunately for a couple, the Covid19 emergency is a stressful moment.
Keep in mind that for wedding in Italy at the end of this year it is going to be extremely busy. Choosing dates in September through November when rescheduling could be the choice of the majority, with all vendors in deep trouble and at the maximum of their capacity.

I shoot 15 weddings per year, and I’ve had six postpone, three to September, within the past month. Their retainers will apply for their future events.

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