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A small guide to chose your wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy

A lot of people send a lot of emails to choose their wedding photographer… Some of them believe that they will find a cheap one… Is this what you want for your wedding a cheap wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy?
Are you going to invest a lot of money and time to make your dream come true… Now you have only one way to preserve the memory of your love: find the right professional to tell your story.


I have a simple philosophy for my wedding photography: candid moments and raw emotions, storytelling and some, few, couple pictures… I try to give you the feeling of the place and the event. I really like small and medium weddings with a lot of love and friends, chic locations with some character. During the day I stay with the bride and the groom to render their feelings.

I love to be a wedding photographer and I am passionate about my job. I always try to do my best for my clients and I love to see appiness and raw emotions collected by my pictures.
I am a grateful and happy guy.


I do not want to over-pose or over illuminate I prefer to flow with your day, I will, of course, suggest the best hours of the day to take some couple pictures… I know that I can easily adapt my style to different light conditions… Obviously I know perfectly the Lake Como area and the amazing villas like: Balbianello, Erba, Cipressi, Melzi, Balbiano or Sola Cabiati.

Wedding in Tuscany, Bride and groom kissing in a garden


All my wedding packages come with a lot of value I prefer to work in 2 days event with a session dedicated to couples portraits the day before the wedding and in small destination wedding.
More than 60 people tend to be a little bit dispersive.
I include in all my wedding packages:

  • An on line gallery with ulimited download and access of your high and low resolution pictures;
  • A Slideshow protected by password with 100 pitures and your preferred songs;
  • All my prices include travel expenses an taxes, only one number no hidden costs;
  • Clear contract: coverage, extra hours fee all in my contract is simple and clear, no surprises;
  • More than 35 verified reviews on Wedding Wired: a lot of Happy Couples growing year after year.
  • Albums are optional and completelty customizable ranging from 1000 to 2000 €.

You are not paiyng the day of the wedding only!

You are not paying only for my time on the day of the wedding.
For me personally, my business currently operates in three areas, Photography, Workshops and Teaching & Commercial photography.
Eeach ‘arm’ of the business has different costs.
Filled into my average full day wedding photography package there are approximately 50 hours:

  • marketing (to get the booking in the first place) for portals, niche web sites, SEO, Content writing;
  • emails back and forth between first point of contact and end product
  • 10 or 12 hours plus travel time on the day of the wedding;
  • 3 full days  editing the wedding;
  • fixed costs from editing software to camera kit, camera maintenance, insurances, accounting and everything in between that has to be paid for in order for my business to exist and me to fulfil my wedding photography contracts;
  • Taxes, beware photographers that want to be paid cash! You will not be protected by a contract and you will be infringing laws;
  • Workshop, Studiyng and research to stay up to date and to deliver to you the best experience on your wedding day.

Like any product or service you purchase wedding photography is exactly the same, it’s a business and it has to charge enough to pay the bills and make a profit.
Keep in mind that if you find some ubelivably cheap prices for your destiantion wedding there is something wrong somewhere and it will not be beautiful to discover it when you see the pictures of your long awaited day.

Last but not least you are paiyng also for the expereincs. Weddings are a complex event and, trust me you will prefer someone who knows how to move during your wedding.

So do you want a full time wedding photographer with more than 15 years of expereince in the job or a student?

Some questions or points for evaluating your wedding photographer

  1. How long has he been in business?
  2. What are the reviews like?
  3. Do he has an online presence / trail to prove he’s a credible business? Before engaging any business services, my standard checks are Website, Instagram, Facebook, email information.
  4. Do you like his images and editing style? Look at the colours and skin tones. Ask if you can choose and editing style. Ask about Black and White edited pictures.
  5. How many edited images will you receive?
  6. Budget – Get at least 2 quotes from similar quality photographers, use common sense, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  7. Is he busy? How many weddings are displayed on his website, Instagram, Facebook?
  8. What kit is he using?
  9. Does he give you high resolution images?
  10. Do you like the photographer? You have to spend all day with him, make sure you choose someone you click with!

I shoot weddings, engagements, elopements, and proposals in Lake Como, Milano, Venice, Tuscany, Lake Garda.

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