Wedding timeline for your destination wedding in Italy

Create a wedding timeline will be a great and helpful thing to do to create a great experience for you and your guests


During my work, I met a lot of couples.
When they book me as their wedding photographer in Italy I always ask for their wedding timeline or for the plan of the day.

Here you will find useful tips to plan your wedding timeline for your destination wedding in Italy.

You invest money and time to create the wedding of your dreams and a wedding timeline will help you, your guest and all your wedding vendors to give you the best experience of the day.
With a wise timeline will be easier to create stunning memories for your wedding in Lake Como, Tuscany, Venice or Amalfi Coast.

Obviously this little guide is thought to give you the best result with your wedding photography.
Pictures will be the only thing that you have left after your wedding.

Once you choose your location and your date check with Google the sunrise and the sunrise and the sunset.
It’s important to understand when and where you want to schedule the things to do during your wedding day.

If you have planned carefully your destination wedding in Italy you know that in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy transportations can be a pain, so it’s better to have all nearby: Hotels or Villas for guests, location for the ceremony and reception.

Wedding in Tuscany, Bride and groom kissing in a garden

One of the best things about an Italian destination wedding is that you can do bride and groom preparation, ceremony and receipt all in nearby locations or more often all in the same location.

Usually, a lot of couples plan their wedding during spring and summer to have aperitifs/cocktails in a garden before the sunset.
So let’s assume that sunset will be at 8 p.m and that you will need around 20 / 30 minutes to have a couple’s portrait session before the sun will fall down and you will start your wedding dinner.

Tuscany, wedding a couple kissing at sunset

All the wedding timeline should be planned with 8 p.m in mind because if you want some stunning pictures of you should be done from 7.30 to 8 p.m.

So lest’s try a

Wedding timeline example

7.30 – 8.00 Bride and Groom portrait session
7.00 – 7.30 Group portraits
5.30 – 7.00 Aperitifs/Cocktails
5.00 – 5.30 Ceremony
4.50 – 5.00 First Look
2.00 – 4.50 Bride and Groom Preparation funny moments with best men and bridesmaids and family, pictures of invitation, shoes, dresses, etc…

Couple in a Boat on Lake Como with Villa del Balbianello on the background
Lake Como proposal photographer

then we have to add:
8.10 Guests are invited to dinner
8.20 Bride and Groom enter dinner
8.35 Speeches, Dinner follows
10.30 Cake cutting
10.45 First dance/dances
11.00 Party follows.

Lake Garda wedding party, people dancing and having fun

Timeline and workflow… Helps everywhere… SHOULD YOU use a time management tool? Not for a wedding day but to control your entire process?

A usual you give a lot of great information about wedding planning.
It’s nice to work with you.

Thanks a lot.

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