Do not forget the big picture!

Useful tips for destination wedding couples: do not forget wide portrait they are important to tell the story of your Italian wedding.


If you are one of the couples that come to Italy to celebrate their wedding you will be overwhelmed with a lot things to do.
So here you can find some little tips that will help you to get the most from your wedding photography experience.

One of the pictures that you can not miss is a wide portrait.
Italy, Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany, and Amalfi coast are famous for their beautiful landscape both natural and anthropic like villas, castles, and gorgeous gardens.

Tips for wedding photography: the big picture

WIDE portraits allow viewers to see the stage and to understand better the tale of the day! Also remember that, if you are a wedding photographer, that the owners of the locations will be more than happy to see your pictures in their blogs or brochures.
I shoot REALLY wide quite often!! These pictures add variety to my galleries and they also match beautifully for large prints and canvases.

Tips for destination weddings: do not forget the large picture

Do you really like only a big shot of your face? or do you prefer to remember the great view of Villa del Balbianello, Rialto Bridge or San Marco square?

So if you are a couple and you are coming for your wedding, engagement or elopement in Italy remember to ask your photographer for a nice wide portrait and plan a little bit of time to shoot your BIG PICTURE!
The right photographer will tell you when and where to shoot your portrait.

Milan elopement photographer
Wedding Photographer Venice
Villa Lario Lake Como Wedding

Wedding pictures are something that the photographer does with the couple.
Thinking about a timeline before the day of the wedding, discuss together the couple’s wishes is something that a destination wedding photographer knows really well.
There will not be a NEXT TIME and pictures will be your memories…
Do not be shy contact me.
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Wide portrait in destination wedding photography

Of course, if you are a photographer you have to keep in mind that you will need a wide-angle lens for your BIG PICTURE.

Wide portrait for destination wedding photographer in Milan.
Wide portrait for destination wedding photographer in Lake Como.
Wide portrait for destination wedding photographer in Tuscany.
Wide portrait for destination wedding photographer in Lake Como.

Personally I use a lot the Sony SEL075UWC that you can add to the nice and compact 28mm. It’s not small but is really useful while working because you do not have to remove your lens from the camera body.
On the other hand, it’s really rare that I took with me my Sony 24mm because it is too big and heavy and I prefer the light 24mm Samyang, stopped down at 4 it works beautifully and it is a real little jewel.
Working as a destination wedding photographer and covering Italy and abroad I really know the meaning of “travel light”.
I usually plan with the couple a 5 minutes photo session for their wide portrait, when I am in Lake Como I always ask them to take a little raid on a taxi boat only with them… I know that something will happen…


Sempre interessanti!

Thanks for sharing. Useful information for a wedding photographer.
I wish to join you in a wedding in Italy!!!
It will be a dream.

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