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Double gift

When you are for a long time in an industry like wedding photography and you are an established editorial photographer the risk is not to innovate not to think out of the box.
I was one of the first editorial photographer that jumped in to the business, 16 years ago, and I also teach a lot in Italy about wedding, photojournalism and photography.
It is obviously nice, but it was difficult for my ego to attend somebody else workshop

Obviously, I was curious about young wolves but I did not dare to attend an Italian workshop so I completely forgot about the topic. Some months ago I was in Rome to attend Way Up North and I met one of these young wedding photographer Roberto Panciatici and he invited me to one of his workshop.
I am photo teacher and I am doctor in business administration and many more things (but I am not talking about me) so I start to think about what I would like to find in the workshop.

I was really happy to attend Roberto’s workshop because is packed with a lot of useful informations about: shooting, Instagram, web site, business, contract, relationship with clients and colleagues, equipment, personal thoughts .

I received a double gift… The workshop and a lesson to my ego: do not be so fool to not listen new generations.

Thanks Roberto I really, really recommend to everyone your workshop because you have a positive approach and an international point of view and you really help people to get more from themselves.

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