Sony 7Rii flash settings

Sony 7 R II with flash for Wedding a survey guide

Sony 7 R II is a great camera you can read a lot of review on line about how great the sensor his or how the file is good to be cropped and post produced, someone else will talk about lenses… Yes of course the 35 mm f 1,4 is great and also the mighty 85 mm f 1,4…. A lot of photographers will claim that the Sony has an unbelievable continuos AF… Someone will claim that the only problem it is battery life…
If you are going to shoot with Sony 7 R II and you are a wedding professional, not a tech addicted who rents the camera for a week – end, sooner or later you will find the limits of the camera: flash.
When there is no light at all continuos AF will not help and Flash is extremely slow no matter if you are using the F60M or the little Nissin i40.
So I started to think how I can take great pictures with my little flash and with 28mm f 2,0 or with the SEL075WC (turn the 28 in to 21) and I decided to go with zone focusing and to turn the flash also to manual so that there will be no lag when I press the shutter.

To calculate the Depth Of Field (DOF) I use PhotoPills a nice application that you can buy for your smartphone.
With my 21 mm (28+Wide adaptor) I have, more or less a great DOF at f 16.

So here are my settings:
Camera 7 R II with 28mm + Wide converter = 21 mm
Focus: Manual Focus set at 0,9 meter
Exposure Program: Manual
F: 16 and Speed: 1/60 ISO: 800 (Will capture a little bit of light you can play a lot here with shutter speed but with zone focusing no more missing shot during the cake cut or dancing)
Live View Display setting Effect on OFF (will give you a great visibility also in extreme low light)
Flash Nissin i40 set on Manual Mode and Power to 1/8 (will fire immediately no shutter lag and at F16 will not burn high light).
Si it will be nice to take some pictures with no light at all during the party on lake Como.

flash with Sony mirrorless, for photographers, Sony 7 R II, zone focusing


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