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Best and Top Locations venues for your wedding in Lake Como

When you’re organizing your wedding, nothing is more important than the venue and the location (of course the photographer comes first). Both of these things need to be right if you want the right outcomes on your big day. Lake Como is one location that’s very popular with people who want to get married somewhere truly special. It’s a beautiful part of the world, located in Northern Italy. It attracts couples from all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

The range of venues available to host your wedding in Lake Como is pretty impressive. There are more options than you might think, so don’t feel limited. Each of the options we’re going to look at in more detail below provides something unique and interesting. So, no matter what it is you’re looking for in a wedding venue, you’re sure to find something that feels right for you, your partner and your guests in Lake Como.

Villa Balbiano wedding Photographer
Villa Balbiano wedding

However, you shouldn’t reach any conclusions or confirm any bookings until you have looked at all of the options out there. You might have your mind changed by a particular option once you learn about them all. That’s what this guide will allow you to do. The information below includes details of 12 of the very best Lake Como wedding venues. When you’ve read about each of them and learned about what they have to offer, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding which is best for your wedding day.

Read on now to start learning all there is to know about each of these impressive venues. Some of them are hotels; others are large homes and villas. But if you’re looking for some classic Italian style in the middle of a truly beautiful setting, you’ll be tempted by many of the options you’ll find below. Remember to take price and your personal priorities into account when choosing too.

Villa Balbianello
If you’re looking for a spot that’s right on the banks of Lake Como, Villa Balbianello could be the venue for your big day. It’s a pretty and elegant kind of spot, and the villa itself is very impressive when you first set eyes on it. It’s the kind of place that takes your breath away a little, and that’s exactly what you deserve when you’re getting married. There is no need to settle for second best on your wedding day.
One of the things that make Villa Balbianello stand out among the alternatives is its fantastic flexibility. You don’t have to blindly accept one kind of reception because the choice is in your hands. The space on offer means that you can customize the ceremony and the overall layout in the way that you want to. Having that control is very important for many couples.

Villa Balbianello Lake Como proposal
Villa Balbianello wedding

Grand Hotel Tremezzo
The team at Grand Hotel Tremezzo is known for being extremely helpful and accommodating to guests. But that’s not the only thing this hotel has going for it. The Art Nouveau design of the building is one thing that attracts many couples to this destination. It looks incredible, and it looks even better in the background of your wedding photos, which is an important factor for many.
The lake and the mountains look even better when they’re contrasted against the unusual design of the building. No matter what kind of wedding you’re looking to plan, this hotel will be able to meet your needs. There are no heavy restrictions, so you’ll be able to mold your wedding in the way you want to. The hotel was even used for the wedding scene in the second Star Wars movie.

Mandarin Oriental Lake Como
Real luxury is hard to come by, but if you’re willing to pay for it, there is plenty of it in Lake Como. However, the best place of them all is known as Casta Diva Resort. It’s a five-star luxury hotel, and it’s a location that you should definitely consider if you want your wedding to be perfect. It overlooks the lake, and the building is nestled at the bottom of a tree-covered hill.
In need of help with all the organizing? Well, the team at Casta Diva Resort know what they’re doing. They’re professionals who have organized many weddings in the past, so they certainly won’t let you down at all. You’ll be able to spend your whole wedding day at the resort, so there won’t be any need for travel or other disruptions.

Villa d’Este
Villa d’Este is a hotel that’s been up and running since 1873. Over the years, millions of guests have come and gone, and that history can be felt as soon as you walk through the entrance. It’s a destination that oozes class, and competes directly with the Casta Diva Resort located opposite it. If you want to feel the resonance of history and grandeur, this is certainly the better option of the two. On those terms, other options simply can’t compete.
Anyone looking for a traditional wedding ceremony in a traditional setting should consider Villa d’Este. Many people consider it Italy’s finest hotel. However, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for modernity, this option is one for you to swerve because you won’t find much of that here. It all depends on what kind of wedding you’re seeking.

Grand Hotel Menaggio
There are not many wedding venues that have their own private dock that you can use, but this one does. So, if you really want to arrive at your wedding in style, simply hire a speedboat and get out at the dock in front of the hotel’s outdoor area. There surely can’t be a better way of making proper use of this incredible Lake Como setting. After all, that’s what the lake’s for!
The hotel is located in a quiet spot by the side of the lake, and that makes it perfect for all kinds of weddings. If you are looking for something small and low-key, the Grand Hotel Menaggio can work well for you. There are 94 rooms found inside the hotel. Many of them have balconies that you and your guests can make use of during your stay too. All in all, it’s a fantastic hotel with a lot to offer.

Villa Serbelloni
With stunning grandeur and interiors that can’t help but impress, Villa Serbelloni is certainly a sight to behold. It’s one of those places that you’ll fall in love with as soon as you see it. It dates all the way back to the 19th century, and the food on offer is fit for kings and queens. It’s a gourmet menu, so neither you nor your guests will feel let down when the food arrives.
If you want plenty of help and assistance with putting together your wedding, you won’t be disappointed by what the fantastic staff at Villa Serbelloni can do for you. Everything from flower arranging to the photos can be taken care of by the team of people working for the hotel. It takes a lot of the stress out of wedding planning, and we all know you could do with that.

Villa Regina Teodolinda
Hollywood royalty is often spotted hanging out at Villa Regina Teodolinda. It’s even thought that George Clooney tried and failed to buy the house once upon a time. Perhaps it’s for the best that he did fail because it means that you can not get married in this beautiful house. It’s a lakeside property that you can reach by boat if you so wish. And that could add a whole other dimension to your special day.
What makes this place really stand out, though, is the gardens that it has. These gardens are truly stunning, and they can’t be ignored. If you want to make your outdoor wedding as special as it can be, you could do a lot worse (and not much better) than Villa Regina Teodolinda. When the weather’s good, there is nowhere better for an outdoor ceremony.

Albergo Lenno
This hotel has been around since the start of the last century, so if you want a spot with heritage and real history, look no further. It’s the kind of place that really does impress when you see it. That’s all down to the stunning classicism of the building, and partly down to the fantastic surroundings, which include views of Lake Como. What more could you ask for than that?
The food on offer in this location includes Italian classics. Albergo Lenno is also big enough to accommodate a large number of guests in one place without the need to use hotels in the surrounding area. That can be a massive logistical bonus when it comes to organizing your wedding. The style and designs of the hotel’s interiors are very impressive as well.

Grand Hotel Imperiale Resort & Spa
Located on the edge of Lake Como, and including some of the most impressive and well-kept gardens you’ll find in this part of the world, Grand Hotel Imperiale Resort & Spa has a lot to offer. The gardens and the lakeside setting make this the perfect location for socializing after the ceremony is over too. It’s definitely something to factor into your decision-making process.
One of the best things about this option is the small temple that can be found in the gardens. It adds a little something else, and it’s hidden away in this natural wonderland. It’s a great place to visit, or you could even make it the centerpiece of your entire wedding if you really wanted to. There are plenty of wedding options open here, though, so explore them all.

Villa Pizzo
This traditional villa is small but perfectly formed. Surrounding by the mountains and one of the most tranquil parts of Lake Como, it’s a place that’s perfect for an intimate and memorable wedding ceremony. The villa is very traditional and hasn’t changed all that much since it was built. This gives the location a rustic and authentic charm that you simply can’t find in other hotels and villas.
You will have the option to have the ceremony carried out inside the villa or in the outdoor space. Both are more than possible, but it all depends on what kind of ceremony you have in mind. The food is all provided by a professional fine dining company, and it’s all produced to the very highest standards. So, if you want a wedding with character, great food and plenty of flexibility, consider Villa Pizzo.

Villa Lario
The unique setting of Villa Làrio makes it the perfect venue for events.
From professional seminars to weddings and parties, contact us for a tailor-made proposal. When classical Italian architecture meets modern standards of luxury, a unique harmony is created. It is that same vision that governed the creation of this exclusive estate to ensure a genuine experience of Lake Como, with a twist of glamour.

Bellagio Silvio
This home dates back to 1919, but the Bellagio Silvio has been recently renovated. That means you can make the most of what the home’s period features have to offer, while also having all that comes with the benefit of modern conveniences. It’s definitely something to give some thought to if combining those two things sounds appealing to you and your partner.
It has a cozy and friendly kind of atmosphere, and those are things that can never be falsified. You feel at home when you’re staying at Bellagio Silvio. That’s the lasting impression you’re left with after having stayed there. And getting married there will be even more special. Outdoor and indoor ceremonies are both possible. You can even hire a helicopter or a Ferrari for the big day.

Hotel il Sereno
Hotel “Il Sereno” is one of the new luxury hotels in Lake Como. Situated on a promontory near Torno is surrounded by peaceful hills with amazing views on Lake Como’s natural beauty, beautiful gardens, Sereno Lago di Como’s lakefront location stretches along the eastern shore of Lake Como.
Il Sereno opened in 2016 and the project is by famous designer and architect Patricia Urquiola. The all-suite hotel promises modern style and an authentic flair, all in the name of effortless comfort. This Lake Como Hotel incorporates the unparalleled beauty of the Lake in its seamless design with a panoramic view from every inch of the outstanding property.
Il Sereno is really a great experience for your wedding.

In Conclusion
As you can see for yourself, there are so many great places to hold your wedding in Lake Como. It’s a stunning location, and each of these venues offers you something specific that will make your wedding an occasion that will be remembered for all the right reasons.
There are clear benefits to each of them. And although none of them is bad at all, there will be certain options that are not so appealing to others. This is such a personal occasion, so you have to let your own tastes and preferences dictate your final decision. But don’t rule any options out before looking into them in more depth. If you ask us, you should consider each of the venues discussed above.
Choose carefully your venues in Lake Como for your wedding, elopement, engagement, proposal or love portrait session it will be your best investment after hiring the best wedding photographer of course! 🙂
Here a guide to the Lake Como wedding photographer prices.
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